Sukhpreet Ubhi – "Life survives on senses and senses thrive on art."
Senses By Suki is a Vancouver-based design and visual effects brand curated by Sukhpreet Kaur Ubhi. 
Sukhpreet is a Graphic Designer and a Visual Effects Artist who is extremely passionate about design and films. She graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with an Associate's Certificate in Graphic Design and a Bachelor's in Business Administration. With her design and business knowledge and skills, she has helped many clients set up and grow their businesses through excellent branding and marketing.
Moreover, she has also received an Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects from Vancouver Film School, which led her to work as a VFX supervisor and compositor on many independent films including Hafiz, Chump, Cheating Dating Hexing, Mellow Tears which have been part of film festivals like MAMM, Crazy8s, etc. Therefore, not only is she well-versed in Adobe Creative Suite but also in VFX and 3D software like Nuke, Maya, and Houdini.
Before discovering her passion and pursuing her education in design, visual effects, and business, she was enrolled in computer science and engineering programs through which she also learned programming languages such as C++ and Python. Hence, the unique combination of her education and skills helps her offer services like branding, marketing, compositing, and website designing at the same time. 
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